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I am looking for fun, outgoing, fashionable girls to help ShopMCE grow! I am looking to team up with 5 girls to be representatives and bring as many new customers to ShopMCE as possible within a 3 month period.

Each representative will be given 3 ShopMCE items of their choice and are required to post pictures wearing those 3 items during the 3 month period on ALL forms of social media (tagging us of course). You will also be require to put our website link in your instagram bio. Each rep will receive a unique 10% off code to give to their “followers, friends, etc” this way I can track how many people each rep is actually bringing in.

At the end of the 3 months the rep that brings in the most customers will also receive a $100 ShopMCE gift card.

In the message below please include: Location, College, College Major, Sorority (if applicable), Instagram, Twitter, Blog (if applicable), Facebook (if applicable), Youtube (if applicable) and Pinterest

What sets you apart from the other applicants?

Want to be a ShopMCE Rep?